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St. Clair Law Offices provides exceptional DUI defense for DUI charges in King County. For immediate answers regarding your King County DUI charges, contact our Seattle DUI defense firm at (206) 578-2200 to discuss your case. Your initial consultation is free. Seattle DUI lawyer Coleen St. Clair has over 25 years experience handling DUI  and criminal charges. She has handled thousands of DUI cases in King, Snohomish and Pierce counties with remarkable results. What Clients Say. You need a Seattle DUI attorney who has the skills, experience and resources to provide you your best defense to King County DUI charges. Don't wait. Call now.

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Ms. St. Clair is a  former DUI Prosecutor who uniquely and expertly understands how to defend the DUI charges you face. She knows how police investigate a DUI and the legal issues that surround a King County DUI arrest. She will effectively examine the evidence in your case to provide you your best defense to DUI charges. She knows what evidence the prosecutors need and what factors influence their decisions. She has exceptional knowledge of the local legal system and will use her extensive experience and resources to provide you your best defense to a King County DUI charge.

King County DUI Charges

The penalties for a DUI conviction in King County  and throughout Washington are increasingly harsh and include license suspension, jail time, fines and monetary fees, ignition interlock requirements, and high risk insurance requirements.

If you are charged with DUI in King County, it is absolutely critical that you speak with a King County DUI defense attorney who knows the current state of DUI law in King County. The King County District Court bench currently has rulings regarding breath test admissibility that are different from rulings in other courts, which may impact your case favorably. You want to make sure you have an attorney who is up to date on the most current legal status in King County as well as surrounding courts.

King County DUI Courts

There are numerous courts throughout King County and where your case will be filed depends upon a number of factors, including which police agency made the arrest and the location of the DUI stop.

If you are arrested for DUI by either a King County Sheriff's deputy or State Patrol trooper, your case will likely be filed in King County District Court. There are currently several divisions for the King County District Court, including South( Burien, Kent/RJC, Renton) East (Redmond Issaquah, Bellevue), and West (Seattle, Shoreline).

If you are arrested by the State Patrol, the court your case will be filed into will have little relationship to the area of the stop. Officers are assigned to different courts and your case will be filed into a jurisdiction based upon that.

These King County DUI cases are prosecuted by the King County Prosecutors office. You will not receive a court date upon arrest. The reports are sent to the prosecutors office and reviewed. The prosecutors office will decide what if any charges to file, and will then issue a notice for you to appear at arraignment. DUI cases tend to get filed more slowly in King County than in most other jurisdictions and may take up to several months. It appears they are currently averaging 2 to 3 months before charges are filed. It is also important for you to check on whether your case has been filed, as with some frequency they will issue a summons to an old address and you will not get notice. If you do not appear, a warrant to issue for your arrest.

Keep in mind that the Department of Licensing begins the process of suspending your license immediately upon your arrest, and will do so 60 days later unless you request a hearing within 20 days to challenge the suspension. This process occurs outside of the criminal case as an administrative action of the Department of licensing  You should contact an attorney as soon as possible following a DUI arrest.

If you are arrested by a City police agency in King County, your case may be filed into one of these district court or into a city municipal court.  Please see the list of King County cities  Areas We Serve for additional information or call to discuss your case.

If you have additional questions regarding a King County DUI arrest or upcoming hearing in King County District Court, call Seattle DUI defense attorney Coleen St. Clair today at (206) 578-2200. You can also e-mail her for a FREE evaluation of your case.

For more information about your King County DUI charges and your best King County DUI defense see our DUI Defense pages.

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