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In January 2010 I received a DUI charge. A friend who worked as Court Staff referred me to Ms. St. Clair, telling me she was a remarkable attorney. I had spoken to other attorneys but as soon as I spoke with Ms. St. Clair I knew she was the best attorney to handle my matter. She quickly assessed my case and the potential consequences to my record, my license, my life, and my employment. I was facing serious consequences with regard to my employment. When we went to Court, it was clear that Ms. St. Clair was well known and liked by the Court, the Prosecutor, and other defense attorneys who were present. Ms. St. Clair negotiated my case with a very favorable reduction to my charge even though I had a very high breath test. . It saved my license, my freedom, and my employment. She was very responsive and always available to answer any questions no matter what time of day. She has a great sense of humor and is remarkably personable and she made what was a nightmare a much more bearable process. I still contact her to this day with questions or updates or just to share a laugh, and she is always willing to assist, or share in the laughter. I would highly recommend her to anyone facing a DUI or ANY criminal offense.
– J.A.

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You must be confident in the experience and ability of your attorney. Effective representation requires trust, confidence, communication and a shared goal. Your future depends on it. If you have been charged with DUI or a criminal offense in King County, Snohomish County or Pierce County, we can help. Call Seattle criminal defense firm St. Clair Law Offices today to discuss your case. 206-578-2200. Your initial consultation is free.