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It is important to speak with a drug defense attorney immediately following a drug arrest – even if you have not yet been charged. Important events are already occurring whether or not you've even received a court date. Drug laws in the State of Washington are some of the strictest in the nation. The penalties for those convicted of drug crimes in Washington are severe and can carry mandatory jail sentences and often, long prison sentences even for first offenses. These penalties can increase significantly depending on such factors as whether the offense occurs in certain areas, if any weapons are involved and any prior offenses you may have. Drug crimes can result in seizure and forfeiture of your property and mandatory treatment requirements.

There are far reaching consequences to a drug charge which may affect; your employment, your immigration status, your ability to obtain housing, obtain state or federal aid, attend college, or maintain a license. Hiring the right drug lawyer can make a difference in how your case is resolved. You need an exceptional, experienced drug defense attorney who will ensure your rights and interests are protected and who will thoroughly evaluate the factual, scientific, and legal issues in your case as well as help you address issues particular to your situation and interests.

Drug cases present numerous evidentiary issues. You need a skilled, aggressive, and experienced Drug defense lawyer who can immediately focus their attention on your case and who is knowledgable about the legal issues involved with drug charges. You need a Seattle drug defense attorney who knows the law, knows the process and knows the system. Seattle drug defense attorney Coleen St. Clair has the skills, experience, legal knowledge, and record of success necessary to give you your best defense. Call her now at (206) 578-2200. We can help you with drug charges in Seattle, Drug charges in Everett or drug charges in Tacoma. Call now.

Former Drug Crimes Prosecutor

Ms. St. Clair is a long time former State prosecutor with over twenty- five years of experience handling criminal drug cases in the Puget Sound region. As both a veteran Prosecutor and as a defense attorney throughout the Puget Sound Region, Ms. St. Clair has handled thousands of drug cases.  Ms. St. Clair spent many years working in the Drug Crimes Unit of the Prosecutors office and has handled virtually every type of Drug Offense and reviewed for approval, thousands of Drug search warrants.  She spent years working closely with police, narcotics officers, drug dog detectives, and Drug Enforcement Administration agents. She knows the drug laws and how they are enforced.

Ms. St. Clair has tried hundreds of cases including all types of drug offenses: possession, manufacture, delivery, possession with intent, controlled substance homicide, as well as drug related robberies and homicides. She has a remarkable record of success having lost only 3 criminal cases in 25 years of high volume trial work.

She has the experience and skill to quickly and accurately assess the facts and legal issues in your case and present your best defense to drug charges.  She will expertly advise you of the potential consequences of the offense for which you are charged, assess your eligibility for alternative programs and options that may potentially avoid or reduce the costly consequences and penalties in your case.  She will advise you of what your options are at any stage of your case. Ms. St. Clair has the expert ability to prepare and present your case and successfully negotiate a resolution when appropriate. Her exceptional knowledge, skill, and experience, as well as her willingness to effectively challenge a case are what get results. No one will fight harder to protect your interests and rights and few have her experience and record to back it up.

Experienced Drug Defense

Ms. St. Clair's years as a State Prosecutor gives her unique insight into the system: Having been a prosecutor for many years, Ms. St. Clair understands what the State needs to charge and win a case, and therefore knows how to challenge the evidence in your case and devise your best defense. MS. ST. CLAIR WAS TRAINED BY THOSE AND TRAINED THOSE WHO ARE NOW ACCUSING YOU. Ms. St. Clair knows what Police do and how they do it. She can quickly assess what the police did or should have done, and what they may not have done in your case.  She understands complex evidentiary issues; how evidence may be gathered, how evidence may be proposed against you, and most importantly, how rules may be employed to suppress evidence so that it is not used against you. This could greatly affect the outcome of your case.

She has trained police on the rules and procedures they must follow in gathering evidence and statements, and knows if they have been properly followed in your case. Working closely with police for many years, she not only knows how they investigate a case, but she herself knows how to investigate and obtain evidence necessary to present your best defense and to skillfully prepare a case on your behalf. She knows witnesses and their weaknesses and knows how to skillfully and successfully assess and examine them. She knows how to negotiate with prosecutors, and understands the factors that influence their decisions. She understands exactly how to present your case and you to achieve the most favorable resolution of your case. Ms. St. Clair understands the options and alternatives available to any proposed punishment, and knows how to potentially avoid or reduce any serious consequences that could result from a criminal conviction.  She will expertly work on your behalf to obtain the best result for you.

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Below are common drug-related offenses in Washington:

  • Possession of a Controlled Substance
  • Possession of Marijuana (over 1 oz. or under age 21)
  • Manufacture and/or Delivery of controlled substance
  • Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to deliver

Act now to consult with a highly experienced Seattle drug lawyer and find out how to best protect your rights and future opportunities. In addition to the obvious penalties for a criminal offense, a conviction for any drug offense in Washington has far reaching consequences, such as:

  • negatively affecting your employment, military, or academic status;
  • prohibit you from attending your child's school or recreational activities;
  • Affect your housing or qualification for aid.

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Available to assist you with drug charges in Seattle,  drug charges in Everett , or drug charges in Tacoma,

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