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It is important to speak with a domestic violence attorney immediately following a Domestic Violence arrest – even if you have not yet been charged. Important events may already be occurring; for instance, often in Domestic Violence cases, the Court will issue a No-contact order, which could affect your employment, your residence, your ability to see your children or family, your ability to go to certain locations or events, and yourfirearms and other important rights. Penalties for violating any such orders are severe and may result in your immediate arrest and incarceration. Prosecutors are contacting and interviewing the alleged victim to assess their desire, credibility, and cooperation. Police are continuing to attempt to gather evidence against you.

You need a knowledgeable and skilled domestic violence attorney to protect your interests, your rights, and your liberty in this process as soon as possible. The penalties for those convicted of Domestic Violence Offenses are severe and the far reaching and the consequences can be devastating.  Hiring the right lawyer can make a difference in how your case is resolved. You need an exceptional, experienced domestic violence attorney who will ensure your rights and interests are protected and who will thoroughly evaluate the factual and legal issues in your case. You need a skilled, aggressive, and experienced Domestic violence defense attorneywho can immediately focus their attention on your particular case. You must have an attorney who knows the law, knows the process and knows the system. Domestic violence attorney Coleen St. Clair has the experience, skills, legal knowledge, and record of success necessary to give you your best defense. Call her now at (206) 578-2200, or email her.

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