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When you are arrested for a criminal traffic offense, such as DUI or Physical Control, Driving without Ignition Interlock Device, Reckless Driving, Negligent Driving (First Degree), or Driving While Suspended (First, Second, or Third Degree), you need an aggressive and experienced criminal traffic defense attorney as soon as possible. Call  DUI Defense Attorney Coleen St. Clair now at (206) 578-2200, to schedule a free consultation.

Coleen is a former prosecutor with over 25 years of experience handling criminal traffic cases in the Puget Sound region. As a prosecutor, Coleen handled thousands of such cases. Coleen has the experience to advise you of what your options are at any stage of your case, and the skills and expertise to negotiate a favorable resolution short of going to trial. If the best defense in your case is a trial, however, Coleen has years of trial experience, having handled over 100 jury trials, and she will fight zealously on your behalf. It is important to speak with an attorney immediately following a criminal traffic citation or arrest – even if you have not yet been charged. Important events are already in motion; for instance, on a DUI charge, if you want a hearing to challenge your license suspension, you must apply to the Department of Licensing within 20 days of your arrest date, whether or not you've even received a court date. You need a skilled and experienced DUI defense attorney who can focus her attention on your particular case. DUI Criminal attorney Coleen St. Clair has the skills, experience, and legal knowledge necessary to give you your best defense.

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You must be confident in the experience and ability of your attorney. Effective representation requires trust, confidence, communication and a shared goal. Your future depends on it. If you have been charged with DUI or a criminal offense in King County, Snohomish County or Pierce County, we can help. Call Seattle criminal defense firm St. Clair Law Offices today to discuss your case. 206-578-2200. Your initial consultation is free.