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If you or someone you know has been arrested and/or charged with DUI in the Bothell area, it is imperative that you speak with an experienced criminal DUI attorney today. The initial consultation is free. Bothell DUI lawyer Coleen St. Clair will take the time to explain the process in your case and answer questions you probably have with respect to potential defenses, penalties, and upcoming court dates. As an ex-prosecutor for Snohomish County and current defense attorney, Ms. St. Clair appears before judges in the three different courts that these Bothell DUI cases are charged into. She is familiar with the courts and has the experience and knowledge to provide the best defense possible under the facts of your particular case.

If you were arrested by a city of Bothell police officer, for an incident that occurred in the city of Bothell, you were likely given a citation by the officer advising you of a court date within a couple of days.  You will appear in Bothell Municipal Court, located at 10116 N.E. 183Bothell.  The honorable Michelle Gehlsen presides over the Bothell Municipal Court .At this  first appearance, Judge Gehlsen will set conditions for your release pending resolution of your case. These will include conditions on your driving as well as your consumption of alcohol. If you have had any prior offenses or depending on the facts of your particular case, these conditions could be more onerous and require  the installation of ignition interlock in any vehicle you drive,  If you wish to remain out of custody while your case is pending, you would be well advised to take these conditions seriously.

Bothell is somewhat unique in that the area encompasses both King and Snohomish Counties.  If you were stopped by a Snohomish County Sheriff's deputy or a Washington State Patrol Trooper, in an area of Bothell located within Snohomish County, your case will be heard in Snohomish County. This means that charges will be reviewed by the Snohomish County prosecutor's office. This generally takes 2-4 weeks. You will be charged in Snohomish County District court, South division, located in the city of Lynnwood.

If you were stopped by a King County Sheriff's deputy or a State Patrol trooper, in the king county your case would be filed into the King County District court, N. E. division, located at 8601 160Avenue, Redmond WA, which generally provides services for the cities of Carnation, Duvall, Redmond, Skykomish and Woodinville.

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You must be confident in the experience and ability of your attorney. Effective representation requires trust, confidence, communication and a shared goal. Your future depends on it. If you have been charged with DUI or a criminal offense in King County, Snohomish County or Pierce County, we can help. Call Seattle criminal defense firm St. Clair Law Offices today to discuss your case. 206-578-2200. Your initial consultation is free.