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Being charged with a criminal offense has life altering consequences. Being charged with a crime whether major or minor-is a serious matter. If you were arrested for a MISDEMEANOR such as DUI, Hit and Run or Theft, you face potentially lengthy jail sentences, fines, and treatment requirements. You may also face license consequences, and having your record permanently tarnished with a crime, which can have lasting effects on your ability to find gainful employment. It is critical to contact an experienced CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY immediately.

Being charged with a FELONY is significantly more serious and may carry a lengthy prison sentence. You may have your freedom restricted by Supervision restrictions, lose your rights to vote and possess firearms, and face extensive fines, fees and costs. . Prosecutors often over -file, meaning they charge as a felony when an offense could have been charged as a misdemeanor or add multiple charges for a single event. That is why it is critical to contact skilled CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY immediately.


A conviction for a misdemeanor offense will remain on your permanent record and carry consequences that can seriously impact your future. Misdemeanors carry up to 90 days in jail fines up to $1,000. A gross misdemeanor carries up to one year in jail and fines up to $5,000. Although considered less serious than FELONY offenses, the sentences for MISDEMEANORs and GROSS MISDEMEANOR offenses can often be greater than for many FELONY crimes.

Judges have more discretion on MISDEMEANOR sentencing and can impose significant jail terms, as well as ordering treatment and counseling consequences, no contact orders, and restrictions and conditions that can have far reaching impacts on your life. JUDGE HAS MUCH GREATER DISCRETION TO ORDER THESE THINGS ON A MISDEMEANOR OFFENSE (As sentencing is not dependent on the SRA).

It is important that you consult an experienced CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY as soon as possible to protect your rights and interests.

Contact Ms. St. Clair as soon as possible. She will gladly sit down with you, thoroughly discuss the evidence against you and the charges you are facing, and recommend your next steps to achieve the best possible results in your case.

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